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Which Best Describes How You Feel?

  • I do not have any concerns right now, but I’d like to stay mentally healthy.
    • Monitor my mental health regularly by assessments and therapy.
    • Learn more about ways to live well and stay well.
    • Learn about risk factors and early warning signs.
    • Get tips for boosting your mental health
  • I think I am showing symptoms of a Mental Health condition. I am doing okay at Home, work, or school, but things are not as easy as before, something is not right.
  • I am starting to have trouble with family, friends, work, school or other areas of my life. Things are getting worse, and sometimes multiple problems are developing. 

   Whichever you describe you are making the right choice to inquiry about your mental health. One of the benefits of therapy is the non-judgmental approach. Let's do the work! I look forward to taking this journey with you. - Margo Claybrooks 

Mental Health


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